Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Gummies

Have you tried munching on premium Amanita muscaria mushroom gummies? These tasty, flavorful treats tickle your senses in wondrous ways. Of course, human nature makes you hesitate to buy some since rumor has it that fly agaric is poisonous. But don’t worry; no sane manufacturer would ever sacrifice their reputation and business by harming their customers.


The Amanita mushroom gummies on the market are meticulously extracted, removing all the harmful toxins and retaining only the good ones. Most products from Amanita are safe and well-tolerable for consumption – but only if you buy from a credible brand. You need to make your purchase from the most reputable brand in the industry to achieve peace of mind. And you can buy high-quality Amanita gummies from Devour Labs.

What Is Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita is also known as fly amanita and fly agaric. It’s an iconic fungus that has been part of childhood art and literature for many generations. The distinctive appearance of fly agaric is popular due to the eye-catching red or orange cap with white gills and white spots on top. You can find Amanita mushrooms in Alice in Wonderland story books, films, and other artistic arenas.

However, Amanita is also well-known for another reason, and a poisonous one. This beautiful fungus is said to be harmful to humans, insects, and animals. But, when Amanita is handled properly during extraction, the harmful toxins are eliminated.

There’s truly nothing to worry about when you buy and consume premium Amanita products like mushroom gummies. That’s why purchasing Amanita only from reliable, reputable, and ethical manufacturers such as Devour Labs is crucial.

What Is In Amanita Muscaria?

Gummies made from Amanita are rich in potent compounds. These substances may have psychoactive effects, but they don’t offer hallucinogenic visuals, thanks to the absence of psilocybin. And the intended effects from consuming the Amanita gummies start to show after an hour, reach their peak after three hours, and the full-time frame of fly agaric effects is 10-24 hours.


It is a substance found in Amanita that is a well-known agonist of GABA. When you take fly agaric gummies may promote a superior calming effect on your mind and body. Plus, the possible psychoactive effects may have the power to uplift your mood, promote your appetite, support better nightly rest patterns, provide relaxation, and reduce anxiety & stress.

Ibotenic Acid

When you buy Amanita, you should know that the gummies contain ibotenic acid. This naturally-occurring Amanita mushroom compound is a powerful neurotoxicant that, when ingested, converts into muscimol.

Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms: Traditional Uses

Amanita mushrooms have been around for over four thousand years, so you can imagine how many uses this fungus has offered to people. Basically, fly agaric was traditionally used as a natural remedy for illnesses, to kill insects, and take part in shamanistic rituals.

Fly Argic

It has been used as a fly trap for a long time. This fungus is known for luring flies and then killing them.

Shamanistic Use

European and Asiatic shamans have used it for their rituals for thousands of years.

Natural Remedies

For centuries, it has been part of various natural health practices in different Asian and European cultures. People used to boil the fungus to create toxin-free tonics and raw fungus parts for treating different diseases.

What Do People Use Amanita Muscaria For?

In the modern world, people use Amanita products like gummies as a stimulant to promote healthier stress, appetite, and sleep management. Consumers also turn to fly agaric to ease body discomfort potentially. Just make sure to store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight to maintain its potency and purity.

Stress Management

The anxiolytic properties of Amanita may help calm your mind whenever you feel anxious, panicky, or worried. Plus, Amanita contains adaptogenic compounds that inhibit stress factors. This means that when you consume fly agaric in a gummy form, your body may receive competent soldiers to combat fatigue and stress. When you do not feel tired easily, your exercise performance may greatly improve.


The iconic potent mushroom is a well-known stimulant that may help reduce the symptoms of eating disorders and sleep issues. Eating Amanita gummies may stimulate your appetite, boost your mood, and result in a sound sleep pattern. As a stimulant, the tasty fly agaric product may promote a better state of mind and body.

Physical Discomfort Management

Amanita has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties that may curtail the recovery time frame from injuries. The gummies have the potential to soothe physical discomforts like muscle and joint tension. So taking the fly agaric candy product may provide the ultimate relief from aches and sores.

Sleep Management

People usually buy Amanita to help them sleep better potentially. Remember that this fungus may offer mental and physical relaxation and calmness, leading to restful sleep devoid of stress and worries. So, it’s ideal for taking a second dose of Amanita gummy in the early evening. With continued usage, Amanita may repair your circadian rhythm and lure you naturally to dreamland every night.

Will Amanita Make Me Have Trippy Visuals?

When you take Amanita gummies properly, you should not experience hallucinogenic effects, especially since there’s no psilocybin content in the mushroom product. However, you may experience a bit of euphoria from eating the gummies.

Will Amanita Make Me Have Trippy Visuals?

When you take Amanita gummies properly, you should not experience hallucinogenic effects, especially since there’s no psilocybin content in the mushroom product. However, you may experience a bit of euphoria from eating the gummies.

How Much Should I Take? Amanita Muscaria Serving Suggestions

The dosage for Amanita gummies depends on your entire body composition and experience. For best results, the recommendation is to take no more than 350 mg of gummies daily to achieve desired effects. Make sure to consult a doctor for the right dosage.

What Is Microdosing, And How Much Should Be Taken?

Microdosing is a manner of taking products at the lowest dose. For example, in the case of Amanita gummies, microdosing means taking half a gummy per serving. This practice allows you to enjoy the benefits of fly agaric while testing the waters. When your tolerance increases with each microdose, you can up your dosage or stay with the lowest dose.

Where To Find Amanita Muscaria Products?

Local cannabis dispensaries may carry Amanita products like gummies. But, to get the best fly agaric products on the market, it’s ideal for shopping online, like in Devour Labs. Purchasing directly from the manufacturers is the smartest option since you can browse through the wide range of Amanita products and check every detail of the gummies.


Devour Labs has the most premium Amanita muscaria for sale on the market. We choose premium active ingredients meticulously, using only high-quality mushrooms and additional components. All our Amanita products undergo third-party laboratory testing, and the COAs are available on our official website’s product pages. You can definitely trust that the gummies are devoid of pesticides, toxins, heavy metals, harsh chemicals, and solvent residue to help you experience desired effects.


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Yes, it is legal in the United States except for Louisiana. It’s essential to check your state laws regarding this fungus species and its products.

There is no law that sets a minimum age for buying mushroom gummies. However, most brands only allow adults 21 years old and beyond to purchase fungus gummies. So, it’s better to keep it away from children and animals.