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Greetings, here at Devour Labs, we strategically formulate wellness and therapeutic products to perform with the highest efficacy. We support the holistic approach and aim to provide powerful options that complement the mind, body, and inner peace. It’s our belief that nurturing these aspects of life leads to long-lasting happiness and health. Whether you’re looking for something like our tasty Amanita Muscaria gummies to ease your stress and recalibrate your vibe, or you want highly beneficial supplements that promote health and longevity, we have the naturally delicious remedies you’re seeking.


Our Delightful Products

To represent a name like Devour, we feel inspired to make our offerings not just good to consume; they’re downright delicious! But don’t devour too much; our products are potent and highly effective!

Devour Labs' Gummies


Amanita Muscaria Extract Gummies

This iconic shroom is touted to ease stress, promote restorative sleep, calm body discomfort, and more! Microdose with these delectable delicacies and flourish with the power of Amanita Muscaria!


Ashwagandha Extract Gummies

As a traditional adaptogenic herb, Ashwagandha has been used for centuries to combat stress, support immunity, and soothe soreness. Today, research indicates it may also benefit athletic performance, brain functionality, and fertility in men.

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Devour Labs Mission

With over 18 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, we are five innovative individuals who partnered up to deliver a new spin on traditional therapies! We dreamed of offering the world natural remedies that not only support the body but also stimulate the mind and possibly elevate self-consciousness. And we believe a secret to lasting longevity and bliss is obtainable through feeding our physical and mental bodies. With these factors in mind, Devour Labs officially began its journey in 2021.

Our plan is to unveil the most delicious (hence the name Devour) and practical goods that may support health, balance, and inner peace, starting with our premium Amanita Muscaria Extract Gummies. And to promote immunity, recovery, and quality rest, we also initiated our Ashwagandha Extract Gummies. But this is just the beginning; we are constantly working on our next drop at Devour Labs.

Supreme Quality & Testing Assurance

Here at Devour Labs, quality is an ultimate priority. Because we always strive to provide top-tier goods everyone can depend on. For our’s and our customer’s assurance, we regularly have every product batch tested by third-party lab technicians. The most current test results are available as a COA (Certificate of analysis) on each of our product pages for transparency and easy access.

You can rest assured that all our products are made with utmost care. Any batches that do not meet our specific standards and expectations are immediately rejected and disposed of. And, to prove our confidence, if you find yourself unsatisfied with your Devour purchase, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! Which is something many other competing brands fail to provide.



Ashwagandha is a shrub whose roots have been used as a medicinal herb in countries that uses the Ayurvedic system or traditional Indian medicine, such as India. Ashwagandha can be found in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, and throughout the Middle East up to Africa.

Ashwagandha is its Indian name and also the most used one because of its origin and where it was frequently utilized. Its Indian name combines the words ‘Ashva’ and ‘Gandha,’ which literally means horse smell because of the odor its fresh root generates. Its scientific name is Withania somnifera (sominifera means sleep-inducing in Latin) and also bears the name Winter Cherry mainly due to the orange-red color of its fruit once it ripens.

Ashwagandha is dull green in color and is recognized for its small stature and short size, along with its elliptic leaves and bell-shaped flowers that are also green in color. Ashwagandha thrives in dry, stony soil with sunlight, although they would also be ok with partial shade.

Traditionally, Ashwagandha is taken as a medicinal herb by crushing the roots and then pounded until they are turned into powder. Also, the roots contain the best amount of compounds beneficial for health and wellness.

While the leaves could also be utilized, they could only be used topically or sometimes as tea. In traditional Indian medicine, the leaves are only used externally.

The cherry tomato-like fruits of Ashwagandha can also be eaten as is, although they are kind of bitter and don’t contain the same amount of health-boosting compounds as the roots.

In more recent times, Ashwagandha is often consumed in the form of supplements, which is mainly done by converting Ashwagandha root into an extract form. Ashwagandha supplements also come in various forms aside from your typical capsules, such as powders and gummies, to cater to your personal preference in how you would like to take your daily dose of Ashwagandha.

It would be best and also much easy to just stick to the recommended dose the manufacturer has provided. However, the generally agreed-upon dosage is a total of  600 mg per day based on various research that has been conducted. This 600 mg recommended dose shouldn’t also be taken in one sitting and better be divided into 2 or even 3 doses, such as 300 mg after having breakfast and then another 300 mg after having dinner.

Here is a link to a systematic review conducted on the effects of Ashwagandha when it comes to physical performance. A study conducted on athletes undergoing intensive training has shown that 600 mg is the most efficient dose compared to lower ones.

Here is a link to a systematic review conducted on the effects of Ashwagandha when it comes to improving sleep. Aside from enhancing physical performance, 600 mg has also proven its efficiency when it comes to sleep improvement.

Ashwagandha offers several benefits that can be considered short-term and long-term. Its short-term benefits include increased energy levels and may also improve your mood. The following is what could be regarded as its long-term benefits, along with some links to research and studies conducted:

  1. It may help reduce stress and anxiety – Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen, which contains properties that help adapt to stressful factors. (1),(2)
  2. It may improve and provide a healthier immune system – it stimulates the immune system, enhancing the defense system against infectious diseases. (1),(2)
  3. It may enhance physical performance – maximizes oxygen function, resulting in improved stamina, endurance, and an increase in muscle mass. (1),(2),(3)
  4. It may help boost brain function – antioxidants and other compounds such as Withaferin A helps improve overall cognitive function. (1),(2)
  5.  It may help in improving the quality of sleep. (1)  
  6. It may help balance inflammation levels and ease body discomfort. (1),(2)
  7. It may help balance blood sugar levels – stimulates the cells that influence insulin secretion. (1)
  8. It may help improve fertility in men – boosts testosterone levels and sperm production. (1)


How Long Does Ashwagandha Take To Work?


How long Ashwagandha might take to work depends on the person and the type of effect in question. Short-term effects, such as the energy boost and mood improvement, typically take within a few hours after consumption.

As for Ashwagandha’s long-term benefits, it might take around a few weeks to several in order for the maximum benefits to kick in, your best bet being 8 weeks based on related research and studies conducted.

Here is a link to a study conducted on adults in 2012 to test the safety and efficiency of Ashwagandha root and its adaptogenic effects. The study took place within 8 weeks and generated positive results when it came to safety and reducing stress and anxiety.

Here is a link to a randomized controlled trial to examine the effects of Ashwagandha when it comes to recovery and strengthening of the muscles. It was also conducted within 8 weeks on young male subjects divided into 2 groups, with the ones receiving a placebo and the other with Ashwagandha. The Ashwagandha group exhibited better results.

Ashwagandha is considered generally safe and well-tolerated by most people. While potential side effects exist, they are infrequent and nothing severe, including drowsiness, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea. 

However, the following are those who should not take Ashwagandha:

  1. Anyone with scheduled surgery. (Avoid taking them at least 2 weeks prior)
  2. Women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.
  3. Men with hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.
  4. Anyone with Auto-immune diseases.
  5. Anyone with Thyroid disorders.

Anyone taking specific prescriptions and medicines may also want to avoid them for the time being due to some potential interactions with the medications. They are the following:

  1. Immunosuppressants – since they might decrease its effects.
  2. Thyroid hormone medications – both Thyroid hormone and Ashwagandha increases hormone production. 
  3. Sedative medications – might cause drowsiness with Benzodiazepines and CNS.
  4. Antihypertensive – both Antihypertensive and Ashwagandha lower blood pressure.
  5. Diabetes medications – might lower blood sugar levels too much since Ashwagandha helps lower blood sugar levels.

If you still have doubts, had already taken them before reading this, or still insist on taking them, it would be best to consult your doctor first.

When you think about mushrooms, the first image of a mushroom that would form in your mind is most likely one with a red cap with white spots and a white stalk. The appearance of an Amanita muscaria is etched into your head because of how mushrooms are often depicted in their appearance, from illustrations to pop culture and video games from Alice in Wonderland to Super Mario Brothers. Amanita muscaria is perhaps the most recognizable and iconic mushroom, but little do people know that this mushroom actually offers a lot of therapeutic potentials!

People seem unaware of its therapeutic potential mainly because of the misconception that it is supposedly a toxic mushroom. While that might be the case if taken raw, with the proper extraction process, the ibotenic acid in its content is lowered enough to safe levels, making them harmless and safe for consumption!

Amanita muscaria has a worldwide distribution ranging from Europe to North America to East Asia and typically thrives in woodlands growing underneath pines and birch trees.

Amanita muscaria has actually been utilized as a medicinal mushroom in ancient times by some, such as tribal peoples in Siberia, and is even believed to have also been used by Vikings.

Amanita muscaria offers some fantastic therapeutic effects due to containing Muscimol, which also harbors a lot of other potential benefits for health and wellness that are still subject to studies and research and hopefully lead to the discovery of more.

Thanks to its Muscimol content, Amanita muscaria provides the following therapeutic benefits to help with your wellness:

  1. It may help ease body discomfort.
  2. It may provide and promote quality rest.
  3. Amanita muscaria is classified as an adaptogen, so it may assist in alleviating and helping to cope with stress.
  4. Since it is adaptogenic, it may also help improve and boost your mood.
  5. As a mushroom, Amanita muscaria contains antioxidants and has a high antioxidant activity which helps in free radical scavenging and may protect your cells from damage.

Be aware that Amanita muscaria could also provide you with a high, although not the type of buzz you’d expect from psilocybin which shrooms or magic mushrooms often contain. Amanita muscaria instead contains Muscimol, which has a different effect and feels. The feeling is more relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric.

Amanita muscaria can make you feel more relaxed, which may help ease your body from the various discomforts you are experiencing.

Amanita muscaria’s adaptogenic properties, combined with its uplifting feeling, may help deal with the effects of stress in your mind, leading to an improved and better mood. Meanwhile, the adaptogenic effects may help manage stress levels and prevent from doing damage to your body.

Amanita muscaria’s relaxing and uplifting effects together could also result in having a better quality good night’s rest while feeling more fully refreshed the next day. Its euphoric effects may also provide you with some fantastic dreams as if you are in wonderland!

As previously mentioned, Amanita muscaria does not contain Psilocybin! Psilocybin is illegal in most of the U.S., save for Colorado and a few states where it was decriminalized.

Amanita muscaria’s active ingredient is Muscimol, which may aid with dealing with anxiety and sleep issues and provide relaxing, dreamy, and euphoric effects.

Muscimol has exhibited properties that may help manage aches due to Neuropathic reasons. This link contains an experimental study that displayed that Muscimol helped reduce associated symptoms.

Muscimol has also shown potential protective effects against systemic inflammatory response. This is based on studies conducted on mice. You can check about the studies and research conducted on this link.

Ibotenic acid is the one that is considered the toxic component in Amanita muscaria, which is often filtered out via boiling water and a rapid cooling extraction process. While they are indeed neurotoxic, they are only lethal in high quantities and are negligible in small doses.

Traditionally, Amanita muscaria could be taken by removing the stems and boiling those red caps until they are dry, as boiling them is the one that eliminates ibotenic acid or the component that makes them toxic. However, boiling them to achieve that point is both a time-consuming and arduous process. The risk is also still there, making it not worth the time, trouble, and potential hazard, and it is better left off to the people who really know what they are doing.

If you want to reap the therapeutic benefits and enjoy the effects of Amanita muscaria, in that case, it is available in the following forms, which have also undergone a thorough extraction process to lower the ibotenic acid and have undergone regulations to ensure safety!

  • Gummies and edibles – enjoy a delicious snack and the effects of Amanita muscaria!
  • Capsules – just like taking your meds!
  • Tinctures – taken sublingually to ensure fast-acting effects.
  • Powders – for infusing in your drinks and meals.

It varies depending on your tolerance level and how much your body can handle. Still, beginners should stick to the minimum recommended dosages and adjust bit by bit if they feel they need more.

Take our dosage for Amanita muscaria gummies here at Devour Labs as a general guideline, with each gummy containing 2 mg of Muscimol as its active ingredient:

  1. Micro dose: beginners must stick with this dosage. Take only one gummy a day, then eventually move up to 2 if the effects of 1 don’t seem sufficient.
  2. Macro dose: Take 4 or even up to 5 gummies daily. Adjust to this level if you are already bored with a Micro dose; you will feel the difference!
  3. Heroic dose: Only for veterans and those already well acquainted with the effects of Amanita muscaria. Take 7 to 8 gummies a day and get transported to Wonderland!

Always follow the recommended dose of the manufacturer and do not exceed them!

Amanita muscaria’s legal status varies on what part of the world you are currently in but in most cases, they are not banned. In fact, they are permitted in the U.S. since it doesn’t contain the prohibited psilocybin, as mentioned earlier. The only state in America where Amanita muscaria is illegal for use is the state of Louisiana unless you happen to have them there for decorative purposes.

As for the other parts of the world, Amanita muscaria is legal for such purposes in Russia, Sweden, and Ireland, but it isn’t defined as legal or illegal in other parts of the world, making them technically legal. In Canada, they are also allowed for consumption and medical use but have to go through the approval of the Canadian FDA and are subject to strict standards and safety regulations. So far, the only parts of the world where they are considered illegal are Australia, Romania, Thailand, and, unexpectedly, the Netherlands.